Tropic Ocean’s Legal Case Resurfaces In Court

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Tropic Ocean’s Legal Case Resurfaces In Court

Those following the presumed closed and dismissed saga of legal conflict between Tropic Ocean Airways, Tailwind Air and two of its pilots, may have felt surprised to see Tropic Ocean file for another extension of time in its never-ending quest to serve the remaining pilot Mathew Holt Lindenberger with court papers. Motion for extension of time was filed on 8/28/2019. The case had been marked disposed in April of 2019 following several hearings and well after the time to serve plaintiff had expired. A new hearing is scheduled for Sept. 17, 2019.

Tropic Disposed

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Tropic Ocean now claims that while it has done what it could to “locate” defendant Lindenberger, all attempts to serve defendant with court papers supposedly failed. Both pilots stood accused of having shared insider information and abused privileged information to help Tailwind gain a contract with BLADE in New York that would have remained closed off to Tailwind, according to Tropics claims. Further, Tropic claims that damage was caused to Tropic Ocean Airways by both pilots violating their so-called “Non Compete Agreements” which would have limited them severely in their freedom of choice regarding their employers and would have prevented them from obtaining any employment within the seaplane industry within certain states.

Pilot Lindenberger, through the help of an attorney, has now has filed a “Memorandum In Opposition” and put on record a signed Affidavit, claiming that Tropic Ocean was, during the last 14 months, never prevented from serving Lindenberger with due process, further stating that Tropic Oceans co-founder Nicolas Veltre met and spoke with Lindenberger on multiple occasions, among many of Tropic Ocean’s pilots and crew. Lindenberger claims that locating him would have been as simple as checking his current location on Both companies fly virtually identical routes – one of which is alleged by Tropic Ocean to be instrumental cause of concern, resulting in the filing of a lawsuit against Tailwind Air. Further updates on this case are pending.

Editorial Note: was previously accused of reporting in a biased manner against Tropic Ocean Airways, despite the fact that the magazine featured straight news about the ongoing lawsuit after running an opinion editorial on non compete clauses. For clarity, it was this the OP Ed which brought the lawsuit to our attention in the first place, thanks to readers who knew about the otherwise well-kept secret. Further updates on this case (which we sincerely encourage our readers to familiarize themselves with) will be featured with the same level of transparency as our articles highlighting Tropic Oceans positive contributions to our industry. Featuring inconvenient or unpopular topics is not exactly biased journalism or fake news. Our editor is fully aware that this concept may seem foreign to some, however the Email address for counter-statements, guest editorials or opinion pieces from our valued colleagues is always open.