ACK-62: New Russian Twin Engine Seaplane

ACK-62Image: Courtesy & Copyright Seregin Aircraft

ACK-62 New Russian Twin Engine Seaplane

With Russian and now Ukrainian matters playing a big part in today’s political circus, our aviation industry appears to stay open-minded and interested in each other concepts and developments. That may well be, because things which fly connect people, countries and continents.


Image: Courtesy and Copyright by Seregin Aircraft

The newest bird out of Russia is known as the ACK-62. Currently, the plane is available for sale in the well growing Russian market and can be attained as a kit, elsewhere. No price has been disclosed by the manufacturer.


Image: Courtesy & Copyright Seregin Aircraft

Developed by Seregin Aircraft Company, the twin engine aircraft with retractable landing gear sports two Lycoming O-360B with 180 hp each, or optionally two Optional Superior XP-360 Engines with 180 hp. The concept behind the plane is to provide a modern, comfortable aircraft with good visibility from all seats. The plane can be equipped with six seats or four in a VIP setting. Just screwing seats into an airframe doesn’t just cook the rice, the manufacturer claims to put six 200 pounders into the plane for a fishing trip.


Image: Seregin Aircraft

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