The New #SundaysForSeaplanes Movement

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The New #SundaysForSeaplanes Movement

With globalized climate- hysteria becoming the new norm on planet earth, its time for a new hysterical movement and new hysterical activists. We are launching the #SundaysForSeaplanes movement. With it, we seek to get as many infected individuals to identify and organize for a brighter future for seaplanes. Participants need to suffer from SRAD (Seaplane Related Attention Deficit), leaving them physically or mentally unable to pay attention to anything else, whenever a seaplane is presented. Many have suffered for many years, now is your time to come out publicly and admit your disease.


Oh Look – A Seaplane!

Discrimination Policy: The #SeaplanesForFuture movement does not discriminate based on power-plant. Addicts admiring aircraft powered by radial – or piston engines and turbine or turboprop and even electric power-plants are welcome to join the movement. The movement does not discriminate based on color of the paint, positioning of wings or number of crew-members required to attain safe flight. The movement will not discriminate based on country of origin or manufacture. The movement specifically invites individuals of all ages, gender, political or religious identity to come forward and submit pictures in furtherance of the movements declared cause to distract individuals from whatever they where doing.


Oh Look – Another Seaplane!

Alternative Seaplane Nobel Prize

Employers and seaplane related companies who openly accommodate their employees diseases by allowing them temporary distraction in the workplace due to seaplanes being present, will be nominated for the Alternative Seaplane Nobel Prize. This includes companies and employers who encourage or otherwise accommodate their


Sorry, got distracted!

employees natural urges to be distracted by pictures of seaplanes, depicted in online or print media. Such employees must remain immune to retaliatory measures against suffering employees and may not write up or otherwise discourage their employees from living out their identity. Nominations are accepted until


Oh No! It happened again!

October 31, 2019. Submissions must be received by email via [email protected]. A secret committee will choose and announce the winner no later than soon. Pictures submitted to our magazine never reach us via Social media channels and we cannot feature such images.