Vickers Wave Gets Rotax 915iS Engine

WaveImage: Vickers News Release

Vickers Wave Gets Rotax 915iS Engine

The folks at Vickers Aircraft have selected Rotax as strategic partner to provide the 915iS Engine to its Wave™ aircraft. The 141 H.P. power plant will provide its power up to 15.000 feet with no significant loss of performance. The company eyes first flights for 2020 and is one of several manufacturers seeking to compete in a full, seemingly over-saturated arena.


Image: Vickers News Release

The Wave™ was previously slated for propulsion by the Titan IO340-CC, produced by Chinese owned Continental Motors. Back in 2015, Vickers touted the 100LL fueled engine as the only logical choice for the air-frame. The change to Rotax now indicates a focus on lower weight and better fuel efficiency. No information on price has been made available on the company website.