Monster Project: Cape Air Seaplanes In Boston

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Monster Project: Cape Air Seaplanes In Boston

Getting Seaplanes into Boston Harbor has been a 7 year project for Cape Air’s Dan Wolf. A recent recap in the Boston Globe provided some insights into the strategy and struggles and the article shines some light at the strong opposition to the endeavor. We reached out to Cape Air’s public relations department and where told that there is no latent interest in discussing the matter with our magazine for an article to be shared with our readers.


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In short, a Dem. Congressman named Stephen Lynch,¬†representing Massachusetts’s 8th congressional district, which includes the southern fourth of Boston and many of its southern suburbs, raises objections and Boston Harbor Cruises general manager Alison Nolan raises severe concerns. Attorney David Lurie has sent a letters to the city agency, criticizing the Long Wharf plan of Cape Air, throwing his weight around as a “concerned neighbor”.

Like with nearly all seaplane expansion opponents, issues circle the same old mantras of noise, pollution, the use of  public waters for a service aimed at catering to the rich, overcrowding and risk of collisions with boats and ferry services. Wolf, according to press coverage, has left all dialog- doors open and attempts to explain the plans to anyone not rejecting them categorically.

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According to the Boston Globe, The BDPA is currently reviewing public comments received and wishes to determine whether seaplanes at Boston’s Long Wharf could co-exist with the existing marine services. The agency claims to be fair, inclusive, transparent, optimistic and responsive on its website and we stand to see just how real this list of promises is going to be for our exotic and chronically misunderstood industry. Cape Air has agreed to seek approval for a one-year trial run of scheduled seaplane service, to get started. Lets wish them well!


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  1. A shame to see of all this trouble and really sad to see that they declined to speak with you. This website is about the only valid news resource for seaplane stuff around the globe. Thanks for sharing this!

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    Is important to develop seaplane services, an alternative to Islands and waterways.

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