Differing Opinions Are Not Welcome Nowadays

DifferingHow Dare You Question The Validity Of The E-Mobility Agenda

Differing Opinions Are Not Welcome Nowadays

Opinion Editorial written by Jason J. Baker — In a recent guest blog on AVweb.com I took the liberty to commit an act of blasphemy, by questioning the hype and media frenzy in response to Harbour Air’s recent E-Beaver flight. Regardless of that I think that the E-Beaver is a positive further development, I got some heavy FLAK. In simple terms, I dared to say that too much hype isn’t good for our deflationary industry, which isn’t exactly loved, or well understood by many Democrats by default. Contrary to doctrine, its okay for political imbeciles like me (independents) to say such a thing. Remember: Running a website isn’t a popularity contest, if it was, I would never aim to win it. And I fully welcome guest editorials and comments.

How Dare You Question The Validity Of The E-Mobility Agenda

With the comment- count swiftly approaching abnormal values, I knew that I had hit a topic that greatly divides the world and its human populace. In hindsight, I am somewhat sad about the state of affairs in our industry and how political trolling has taken a stronghold in our beloved industry. I had been warned by my boss at AVweb.com that this could trigger emotional breakdowns and hate-mail, and heck, he was right. Several nasty comments had to be deleted. With 104 total comments, this was my all-time high.

The Truth: Speaking Truth To Power Is Unwanted

Examples: No one is allowed to ask why certain European governments stonewall any and all forward thinking synthetic diesel/ kerosene fuel research (basically the research is done, scalable production is hindered and taxed out of existence) and why e-mobility (personal transportation devices with no more than 6-10 seats, which are being developed) is considered the holy cow to solve the transportation needs of several billion combined people and rescue planet earth from burning up. In my (usually politically incorrect) manner, I took liberty in calling this thesis Bullshit.
In discussions, the target keeps shifting, according to mission/ agenda of opposite party. There is a new climate rattle-can being kicked down the road, every week. Opposing opinions are stifled, muffled, gagged or shouted down by anger-management challenged clowns who have to revert to name-calling or personal insults in order to compensate for their own inability to comprehend complex subjects.
Fact: 60% of CO2 from Diesels can immediately disappear. It was completely arbitrary limits set by Brussels-bureaucrats, which forced the automotive industry into a quick-fix-cheat more than 15 years ago. My 18 year old 193 horsepower BMW already “cheated” in order to satisfy completely arbitrary regulatory parameters. Doh, we could have realized that: If we arbitrarily regulate stuff, things go sideways. Clearly – this is now rocket science.
Imagine crude oil tankers & super large cruise ships on electricity, going 27 knots in heavy, quickly warming seas? The industry in developing countries is fully in tune with our new green agenda, right? China has all sparkling clean air, yes? There is no toxic air in India, correct? Diesels in Africa and India are no factor in the world climate debate, right? Right! That, my dear friends and foes, is the reality. But we hate this reality, so lets just substitute our own.
I never said in my article, that I am against developing new technology, in fact, I stated that we have our part to play in protecting planet earth and I (personally) love Toyota Hybrids! A Tesla isn’t in the stars for us anytime soon, not because we don’t like the vehicle, but because the vehicle is INTENTIONALLY priced outside the scope of normal human beings. According to Elon Musk’s doctrine, personal transportation will have to become a luxury, reserved to those who can afford it. Like General Aviation, you know?

Blasphemers Everywhere

Neither am I, nor have I ever denied climate change. Of course the climate is changing, it has for millions of years before humans walked on earth and it will probably still be changing when the Dinosaurs return and our species is LONG forgotten or has been wiped off this planet by an Asteroid of ginormous size. People: We live on a glowing rock of lava which travels a fairly undiscovered space at amazingly deadly speeds. Lets keep telling ourselves that politicians and regulated E-Mobility will save us from certain death. Jesus! Institutionalized Hysteria right from the book.
We live in a world in which (at a moments notice) some out of his skull military- dictator can launch nuclear weapons any damn direction he pleases and all we have for a response is a counter-strike. Reality isn’t beautiful. Poetry be damned, are we humans really such a superior species as if we should claim an infinitive stake on occupying planet earth?
I wrote we should not try to convince people that this new development is just around the corner and we should not hype a proof of concept into the land of flying unicorns. Will we make headway and explore better battery technology? Sure! But, with hype comes high expectations, and we will fail them. After we fail these expectations, we will be punished and regulated out of existence for spending five plus (5+) decades lingering around with our leaded AVgas, when everyone else on earth took action on alternative propulsion systems.

More Predictions You Didn’t Ask For

Easily excitable Greta disciples around the globe will soon take matters into their own hands. I live close to a German city in which primarily Diesel powered and large SUV’s burn to ashes, before a firefighter even gets into the vicinity. Arson in 95% of the cases. I am somewhat surprised that no business jets have caught fire, yet.  Extinction Rebellion may be VERBOTEN in most sanctuary cities around the globe, but please do not think for a minute that they are sleeping. Before too long, you’ll be grateful for these fences around the airport. Before too long you wont complain about armed TSA officers at every airport.
With current course and political climate, General and Business Aviation are due for a mayor earthquake within the next 2-3 years. From an advocacy perspective, we are ill-prepared and completely ill-equipped to even whisper about keeping our activity around. Greta’s disciples are DEMANDING immediate action. I sincerely doubt, that we will be talking about anything that flies for recreational- or convenience- purposes (piloted by humans, at least) when 2035 rolls around. Recent comments I’ve received indicate that opinion blogs (or having any opinion about anything at all) may be outlawed by then, as well. Lets see.

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  1. Saul David Alinsky author of “Rules For Radicals” promoted ‘Community Organizing’. A disciplined community must all agree on their belief’s. People who believe in a God are not easy to herd. They all need to believe in something more relevant then God. Worshiping the earth gets the people to focus on a cause they can see and touch. The selected ‘Community Organizer’ will then dictate that focus. The narrative can change at anytime to keep the coalition strong.

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