Icon Aircraft Reduces Price For The A5

#SundaysForSeaplanesOh No! It happened again!

Icon Aircraft Reduces Price For The A5

The folks at Icon Aircraft have announced further reductions in pricing on its ICON A5 flagship. With more of Icons production process shifting to its Mexico plant, the company is utilizing further opportunities to produce the aircraft at scale and to see consumer pricing drop to $359K, with owners training courses TX-L or TX-S included.

Santa Monica

Image: Press Release, ICON Aircraft. Copyright: ICON Aircraft

The new edition aircraft will offer a wider variety of paint options for new owners and the wait for a new aircraft, if ordered today, will be between 2-4 months, just in time for an interesting water flying season in 2020. Those interested in new delivery spots for 2020 are cordially invited to send a email to [email protected] or reach out to the company via its website.

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