For Sale By Owner

Seaplanemagazine.comImage: Copyright/ Courtesy Dave Fairburn For Sale By Owner

Status Update by Jason J. Baker — A multitude of questions has hailed in over the last few months, about the current and future status of our magazine. For several years this magazine has been the “go to place” for people interested in seaplane news and quite a bit of work and time has gone into providing just that. Facebook entertainment addicts may have failed to notice, however we stopped publishing in March and have no intention to start back up until some things have changed.

What The Heck Happened?

COVID-19 has caused tremendously negative outfall for our industry, for companies and individuals alike. In essence, the “perfect storm” in this small niche industry and the owner of this website wasn’t spared. Mixed with a chronic shortage of advertising dollars/ sponsorships it was clear that working for free wasn’t going to be an option. Celebrating 31 years in Aviation of which 21 where spent trying to promote seaplanes, often at great personal expense, is enough. In other words, I installed a “Pay to Play” button. No Mula = No Work, just like it is everywhere else. No exceptions, no hostages, no smoke and no mirrors and certainly no drama.

Whats Next For

A number of “inquiring- drones” have been sent out by inquisitive minds, to find out about the potential sale price of this website. Spreading the word isn’t exactly difficult in today’s day and age, however finding buyers and dealing directly and candidly appears somewhat difficult. Fact: YES, the website is for sale by owner and YES, I am entertaining serious offers. The sale includes the entire setup of well groomed social media channels. Whoever decides to take this site on will find the following:

  • The worlds most interesting audience from all over the globe
  • Some of the industries best players and frequent contact with a bunch of people with a CAN DO attitude
  • Worldwide targeted reach through a top domain name that can and has hit the entire industry
  • X- publishing opportunities tying perfectly into the world of Business-, Agricultural – and Aerial Firefighting Aviation.
  • A PERFECT online extension for seaplane related associations wishing to expand revenue and a willingness to tremendously expand international reach by the push of a button.

Would Jason Baker Stay On Board?

The answer to this question is dependent on what kind of deal is made in the acquisition process and with whom. Things that will be considered is a transition time as chief editor/ co-editor of 3-6 months with an average of 5-7 invoiced articles per week, however this only makes sense for larger publishing outlets who wish to “ease” into the seaplane world and expand their coverage. The perfect opportunity lurks for associations and publishing outlets which already monetize print articles and find it difficult to optimize their online presence. Alternatively, I have no problem selling the website and exiting stage.

Ready To Discuss Options/ Details Confidentially?

Hit me via Email at [email protected] – Subject Line: “ Sale”. Pretty PLEASE: Don’t bother sending any “inquisition drones” or marketing agencies my way. The website has a revenue potential of between 30.000 – 60.000/ Year and I do not plan to give it away. I am definitely lacking interest in entertaining a long back and forth with so-called marketing professionals who do not have final acquisition authority or are not authorized to act as a contract/ business representative on behalf of their respective corporation. Please waste neither your own nor my time. Thanks.