GA Groups Call On Decision Makers –

15 General Aviation Groups Call On Decision Makers

In the letter dated January 19, no less than 15 general-aviation advocacy groups submit concerns to the leaders of transportation policy in the U.S. House to hear concerns about the expected FAA funding proposals, and protest the resurfacing of user fees.

“Dear Chairman Shuster, Ranking Member DeFazio, Subcommittee Chairman LoBiondo and Subcommittee Ranking Member Larsen: Our associations represent the individuals and companies that make up a significant portion of the diverse and interrelated general aviation industry in the United States. This is an industry that generates more than one million jobs, and more than $200 billion for the nation’s economy. It is worth noting that the majority of all general aviation in the world today takes place in the U.S. Simply put, general aviation in America is the envy of the world.

Today, the U.S. air traffic control system is the best in the world, moving more aircraft, more safely and efficiently, than any other country. Working with Congress, aviation stakeholders have been able to ensure that our system operates for the public’s benefit, providing access for all stakeholders to airports, heliports and airspace, and encouraging competition and innovation. During the FAA re-authorization process, some big airlines have pushed for a new governance and funding model for our nation’s aviation system, based on systems in other parts of the world.

The general aviation community has very real and longstanding concerns about foreign air traffic control models, which go well beyond the user fee issue. These concerns are based on our operating experiences in foreign systems, as well as thoughtful analysis about what those systems might look like in the United States. Because we have so much at stake in the FAA re-authorization process, and given the magnitude of the change that we anticipate being proposed, we call on you as Committee leaders to provide ample opportunity for all stakeholders and citizens to carefully review, analyze and debate any proposed legislation changing the governance and funding for air traffic control.”

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