Setouchi Seaplanes Launching In Japan –

Setouchi Seaplanes Launching In Japan – Spring 2016

ONOMICHI, Hiroshima – In the spring of 2016, Setouchi Seaplanes plans to return amphibious seaplanes to the skies over Japan. The company is setting up to fly Quest Kodiak 100’s sitting on Aerocet Floats on scheduled flights.

As an affiliate of major shipbuilder Tsuneishi Holdings Corp., will offer air tours and charter flights in amphibious Kodiak’s departing the city. Takenori Matsumoto, the company’s vice president said:

“We hope to popularize amphibious aircraft in Japan and promote seaplane culture to the public.”

Setouchi Seaplanes will initially operate four aircraft and plans to offer tours over the Seto Inland Sea starting in April. It’s also working on beginning charter flights, connecting the areas of Hiroshima with Kansai airports in the summer. The application for a commercial seaplane operation permit was filed in November of 2015. Certainly a positive development to follow over the next few months, after-all no commercial seaplanes have flown Japanese skies in nearly half a century.

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