This Aircam On Floats Will Have You Wishing for the Water –

During the dark and cold days of winter it can sometimes seem like a long time since you’ve seen the water, or at least seen and had the desire to actually be out on it. Sometimes you just need a little break from reality and this beautifully shot video of an Aircam on floats will give you just that.

This video featuring not one but two Aircams as they gracefully take off, land, and fly around one of the lakes in the area was filmed and published by none other than Aircam by Lockwood. The planes are flying in the area around Sebring, Florida the homebase of Aircam and Lockwood Aviation.

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Not bad for a twin engine plane that can take off in less than 100 feet and land in less than 500 and that you can completely build yourself for around $100,000 right?

If it looks like something you’re interested in you can check out Aircam’s website and if you get building now you may can be ready to by the time warm, short-sleeve weather rolls back around.

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