Via Seaplane Only: Gammon River East Outcamps –

Via Seaplane Only: Gammon River East Outcamps

Manitoba offers some incredible scenery and the perfect environment for adventurers and people who enjoy the outdoors and mother nature. Some of these are ‘via seaplane only’ destinations. This ‘back to the basics’ lifestyle, together with unplugging from everyday life is what drives people to the remote areas of Canada. Today, we take you to Gammon River East Outcamps in Manitoba. The camp is owned and operated by fellow seaplane pilot Garth Evans, who acquired it in 2013. The 48 year old husband and father of two girls is a business owner in the commercial heating and air conditioning industry.

Charter planes will bring visitors to the camp, which is open from the third weekend in May to the second weekend in October and comfortably houses up to six people. The camp is completely self-guided and pricing for the 4 day trip is attractive at $800 per person for groups of 6, and $950 for groups of just four. Pricing includes airfare, boat gas and rental. When asked about accommodating fellow seaplane pilots at the outpost the invitation could not be clearer.

So far we haven’t had pilots wanting to fly in on their own, but if people are interested, I would be happy to work something out.  The dock is seaplane friendly and there is room to moor more than one plane.  I’ve had 3 there at one time.

Garth’s pilot life began in 2003 and a seaplane rating followed in 2007. His aircraft is a pristine 1974 Cessna 182P. It sits on a set of neat looking Aerocet 3500’s and sports several modifications including a 330 horsepower IO-550. Garth shows his community involvement through his memberships in various pilot associations. EAACessna Pilots Association and  Seaplane Pilots Association all call him a member. Recent access issues in Manitoba have triggered him to become even more active:

Through recent attention drawn to invasive species and float planes, I’ve focused my efforts on starting an association to protect our interests here in Manitoba, as well as promote float flying  – the Manitoba Floatplane Association.  It’s in its infancy, with approximately 25-30 people showing immediate interest and expectations to grow more.  We hope to have it organized and registered by spring thaw and to have at least one social splash in this year.

The Gammon River East Outcamps are located in Eastern Manitoba and will appear at the end of the line leading to N51 08.349 W95 10.373. The place is accessible by float plane only. Nonflying guests arrive by charter flights conducted by Blue Water Aviation approximately 60 miles away.

Smiling faces decorate all of the pictures shared on the Gammon River East Outcamp Facebook page. Certainly a destination to put on your travel list in 2016.

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