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Are your news releases covered by the websites and print magazines you pay for advertising? Is your business still spending lots of money on print advertising in aviation print publications which reach a declining number of people each year? Did you know that a great number of print titles loose up to 8-10% of their subscribers to attrition and less than stellar customer service?  We take great pride in reacting faster than others, turning your news release out often within less than 30 minutes. We do not inject opinion or limit content, but leave the building of opinion to our readers. We also work with authors who send us material for publication. When others promise to think about bringing the article, we do it! reaches a growing international audience of seaplane pilots, general and business aviation pilots, aircraft owners and commercial aircraft & maintenance operations as well as key players in the aviation world. 75% of our readers are under the age of 45 and belong in a high net-worth and high income category. 

We are offering limited advertising to small and mid-sized aviation & seaplane businesses at competitive rates and without the fuss of third party advertising agencies. A “Top Spot” is exclusively available to our main strategic partners. Yes! We CAN Geo- Target Your Advertising!

Front Page Advertising

Dimensions Upon Request

Content Advertising Options

Large 700 x 250 Pixels or Medium 700 x 95 Pixels. Appear in up to 30 articles.

Featured Products & Books

Place your product or book prominently on our front page. Individually tailored, Geo-targeted on demand. Limited availability. Comes with social media cross promotion. Send the product/ book and we will write a completely independent review or long term product test report.

Please feel free to contact us via Email if interested in a individual quote.

Further Advertising Options

  •         Banner Advertising & Display Ads
  •         Featured Articles
  •         Product Tests & Book Reviews (see where to ship here)
  •         Featured Products & Books (New!)
  • Inventory Aggregation
  • Social Media Campaigns & Cross Promotions
  • Back-links & Strategic Partnerships

Exclusive Advertising Options (Pricing By Email) Available!

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NOTE: Discounts apply on repeat & long term agreements!