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We are the seaplane industry’s only independent and globally known online news publication focused on Seaplanes and Flying Boats. While our primary focus has and will always be on Water Flying, our magazine often features other specialty aviation topics, such as Agricultural Aviation, Aerial Firefighting as well as selected news from General – & Business Aviation.

No other publication in the aviation industry offers your business higher seaplane specific targeted global reach.’s demographic profile is dominated by commercial and private pilots, aircraft and aviation business owners a well as newcomers to the world of seaplane flying. A large percentage of our daily visitors are business owners and managers with key product-and service-purchasing authority and influence in their companies or organizations. To inquire about advertising with us online, contact us.

75% of our readers are under the age of 45 and belong in a high net-worth and high income category.

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Please feel free to contact us via Email if interested in a individual quote. Please note: We cannot provide offers to advertising agencies inquiring on behalf of incognito clients, nor do we place “paid non-promotional” articles in front of our readers. We reserve the right to edit, shorten, reword or simply decline publication of material that contains grandstanding or hidden advertising. Unless properly marked, no “paid for” text ever appears here.

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