Your paid advertorial (aka. Native Advertising) on will reach a large international audience of professional and private seaplane pilots and owners, but also those who are still looking to learn more about flying seaplanes. We work hand in hand with the seaplane community, industry partners, seaplane flight schools and training providers to build better networks and to keep independent news reporting on industry developments accessible to all. This work requires the support of our readers as well as our industry.

Seaplane Pilots

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We offer advertorials to:

  • Seaplane Flight Schools & Training Providers (Seaplanes ONLY)
  • Employment Opportunities (Pilots, Mechanics, Other Staff)
  • Aircraft & Float Manufacturers
  • Flying Boat Manufacturers
  • Seaplane Charter Outfits
  • Luxury Resorts With Seaplanes Or Flying Boats
  • Fishing & Adventure Lodges
  • Aviation & Seaplane Insurance Outfits
  • Associations and Non Profit Corporations

Our Rules Of Engagement:

Our readers enjoy fairly radical transparency in our conduct, coverage and business. Our focus and utmost concern is to provide a clean and clear environment to our readers. As the only independent news resource within the seaplane industry, we believe that integrity and honesty are the main pillars of a healthy industry. Unlike some other publishing outlets, we ALWAYS disclose paid content openly by placing “Paid Advertorial” in front of the text.

Still, we select our business partners carefully and do not work with third parties which work on behalf of incognito clients. In other words, nothing our readers see ever escapes our editorial control. Please refer to the FTC Native Advertising Guidelines to see how we conduct ourselves.

More Information On Advertorials 

Advertorials can be classified into three types:

  • Image advertorials: The organization running the advertisement wants to produce a favorable view of the organization or its products among the readers.
  • Advocacy advertorials: The organization wants to explain their view of a controversial subject.
  • Journalism advertorials: The organization wants to attract media attention to a subject or themselves. Their goal may be inspiring independently written stories about their area of interest, to get quoted in related stories, or to influence how journalists will write about a subject in the future.
  • Employment advertorials: The organization wishes to attract attention to open positions and their intention to hire employees or contractually secured work.

Full Disclosure To Readers

Both – readers and editors – realize that many news releases published today contain grandstanding and hidden advertising, rather than focusing on the five important W- questions supposedly covered by a news release. Pure desperation has arrived in many aviation companies marketing departments. Advertorials are NOT News.

Print magazines are often very selective in their coverage and make editorial attention dependent on adverts placed in the advertising section of the publication. Even liking and sharing on the major Fake News platforms (Facebook & Co) produce tremendous windfalls for “new age influencers” who are smart enough to cash in.

We go a different path with and our readers have been appreciative of this fact. We will continue to offer native advertising options to a select group of companies, however our readers will always know if and when any article published by us has created revenue for our magazine.

If your company wishes to engage in native advertising on, please reach out to Jason J. Baker (Owner/ Publisher) via [email protected] Please remember that we do not answer incognito inquiries and we do not provide agency discounts to advertising and marketing agencies!

As of January 20, 2018 any new advertising or advertorials on our magazine is subject to prepayment in full and for the entire term of the service period, prior to advertising being shown on our website. Please note that there will be no refunds for unilateral and prematurey cancelled advertising or services. Questions: [email protected]