All Expenses Paid Trips

We receive frequent invites to go on so-called “All Expenses Paid Trips”. This sounds pretty nice, as we have slowly worked this website to be the seaplane industries most popular online news destination. Unfortunately, our website is not blessed with the level of support in the form of sponsorships or advertising that is generally afforded to associations, non profit corporations and many printed magazines. While this is leaving our publication financially high and dry for most all direct event coverage and travel during the year, it makes day to day business extremely difficult. And part of a business is what this website is, at the end of the day.

Every business has to operate profitably and within a defined scope of financial expectations. We work within the envelope of currently existing tax regulations for businesses and this requires the diligence in how we conduct our business and travel. Add to this a strong desire for remaining independent in our journalistic work and editorial scope, together with focusing on our readers, instead of the mighty revenue.

We Don’t Go On All Expenses Paid Trips

A conflict of interest situation is never good karma and people who have to earn a living with what they do, do not have time to jet-set planet earth, fly business class, eat expensive food, stay in filthy expensive hotels or meet and greet extremely affluent business people for Tet-a-tete and Après la party cocktail slurping activities, before returning to the dog-house. As such, we have to turn all expense paid trips down.

We maintain a list of events which we wish to cover editorially. Each event shows a minimum amount of revenue which needs to be generated and available prior to committing to the event. Expect no response from us to all expenses paid trip invitations or so-called destination/ adventure marketing activities planned and executed by any of the glorious new world marketing agencies. Doing clean business would require to disclose to our readers that we were reimbursed for travel or time spent and potentially undermine our standing as an independent publishing outlet with our readers.