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Wymond, The Cursed Beast Novel – In the shadows of a world filled with mystery and fear, a figure emerged, a being shrouded in enigma and darkness. No mortal eye had witnessed his form, and his presence cast a haunting veil over the realm of the supernatural. His name whispered through the wind, carried on […]

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Curse Of Witch Novel – In the echoes of a fateful prophecy that shook the world to its core seventy-five years ago, the winds of destiny began to stir once more. Amidst the shadows of a history marked by chaos and loss, a new life emerged, carrying with her the weight of unparalleled power. Nadia, […]

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His Witch, Her Alpha Novel – In the realm where the supernatural thrived, destiny’s threads wove an intricate tapestry, entangling the lives of two souls from seemingly opposite worlds. Elina, a talented young witch with dreams of exploration, found herself on the precipice of a life-altering journey as she neared her graduation. But destiny had […]

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Alpha King’s Substitute Omega Bride Novel – Alpha Peter, a man defined by his arrogance, cold demeanor, and unparalleled strength, stood as a formidable figure within the werewolf Kingdom. His presence commanded attention, and his reputation as a ruler was marked by an iron grip on power. Yet, beneath the façade of dominance, lay a […]

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Alpha Xander Novel – Lena’s life was shattered when her pack was mercilessly destroyed, leaving her family and friends brutally taken from her. Amidst the chaos, she found a glimmer of hope in Lillian, the Luna of the Blue Moon Pack, who saved her from the devastation. Lena believed that her new life in the […]

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Alpha’s Last Minute Bride Novel – Evangeline’s life took an unexpected and unwelcome turn when she found herself entangled in a web of blackmail that left her with no choice but to marry a ruthless Alpha. To make matters worse, she held a deep-seated resentment towards werewolves due to her father’s past actions, which shattered […]

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The Alpha’s Bitter Truths Novel – Monica, a dedicated veterinarian with a fiery temperament, stumbles upon a wounded and scarred creature lurking near her summer villa. Driven by her compassionate nature, she makes the fateful decision to offer aid to this mysterious being. However, her curiosity is piqued when she realizes that this creature is […]

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Fated Mates: Love Over Everything Novel – Liara Haysbert’s world was a sanctuary of books and family, a haven she had built around herself to shield her from the harshness of the outside world. Approaching her eighteenth birthday, she wasn’t eager to discover her mate. Her dreams were set on becoming a doctor before embarking […]

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The Broken Mate Novel – Lola’s world shattered into a million pieces the instant her gaze locked onto her mate, Alpha Torian, sharing intimate moments with another woman at his birthday celebration. The pain of that moment was etched into her heart as he not only rejected her, but also declared someone else as his […]

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Demoted To An Omega Novel – In the world of the vengeful-eyed pack, a harsh decree was about to reshape the life of Ciara Acacia Jones. As the new Alpha of the pack, Xander’s voice echoed with a potent mix of anger, hatred, and raw power as he pronounced his judgment upon her. Ciara’s heart […]