Read Curse of the Four Dragons Novel Full Episode

Curse of the Four Dragons Novel – Cai Kang, a talented young martial artist hailing from Shenmi, China, embarks on a new chapter of their life as they venture to a different country. Their journey is not just about experiencing a new culture but also navigating a unique secret that sets them apart. In Shenmi, […]

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King Of The Ruby Crown Novel – In a world where power and dominance reign, an arrogant King named Nikolas holds unyielding control over his realm. His authority is unwavering, and he permits no one to challenge or disobey him. His rule is marked by an iron grip, his will unflinching. Yet, amidst the rigid […]

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For the Love Of A Vampire Novel – Ken has carried a burden his entire life, grappling with his identity as a half-vampire. His guardian, Allen, has been a guiding force, encouraging Ken to embrace the darkness within him. Allen’s charismatic charm conceals a dark side, and his advice challenges Ken’s struggle against his vampiric […]

Read The All Kinds Pack Novel Full Episode

The All Kinds Pack Novel – Valaria Westingdale is a formidable force as both the Head Enforcer and Princess of the Westingdale panther pride. Her father, King William Westingdale, holds tightly to the traditions of their society, believing in the superiority of their pride and the strict preservation of bloodlines. To him, women are destined […]

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Rings of the Realms Novel – In the eerie tapestry of this paranormal tale, the age-old clash between ancient forces of light and darkness manifests through the embodiment of eight distinct rings, each channeling its unique power. These mystical artifacts hold the key to humanity’s salvation, yet their potential is marred by a web of […]

Read The Coldest Hearts Novel Full Episode

The Coldest Hearts Novel – Elizabeth’s path led her to an isolated school nestled upon an abandoned island, a destination chosen for reasons shrouded in mystery. Yet, it wasn’t the eerie solitude of the place that tugged at the strings of her heart. Rather, it was the enigmatic young man who shared her classroom, his […]

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He walks in shadow Novel – As fate’s threads intertwined, Dayln’s world took an unexpected twist when he discovered that the very girl he had shared his life with was destined to become his step sister. Rather than dampening his emotions, this revelation only fueled the flames of his affection for her. Dayln, a soul […]

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Destruction of The Seelie Court Novel – Allow me to introduce myself—I am Lisha, a dweller in the embrace of shadows, a being born of the lineage of the Dark Fae. Within the confines of our abode, my grandmother Allana and my mother Olivia share our existence. As inhabitants of the Unseelie realms, we are […]

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King of Darkness Novel – In the realm where fate weaves its intricate tapestry, an extraordinary convergence unfolds. Two disparate beings, brought together by the threads of destiny, find their lives irrevocably entwined. Willow, a fae of remarkable talents, bears the dual mantle of assassin and ‘whisperer’, an appellation known to a select few. An […]

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The Ghosts of Greenville Novel – In the wake of a heart-wrenching tragedy that claims her brother’s life due to her own inadvertence, the burden of reclamation falls squarely upon her shoulders. But this time, Autumn returns to the fray armed not just with determination, but with an entire legion at her side — a […]