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In the course of receiving news releases from companies, we receive licensed artwork, text and photography which is intended for publication on our news site. Images submitted and displayed to us in the form of a news-release represent an authorization/ license to display such images on our site. In the original news release we generally indicate this by adding: “Image/ Photograph Courtesy Of [Company Name]” or “Image via News Release by [Company Name]”. We may use these pictures in other articles or work and; if doing so will generally refer to them as: “Image/ Picture From File”. Pictures may be used in educational articles or to convey concepts of safe aircraft operations.


Picture from File:

Naturally and in the course of daily business, readers send us images for featuring on Sundays or submit textual content with the request for publication as a guest- or opinion editorial. Generally, we attempt to verify that all images and texts which are submitted to our publication, were in fact taken/ written by the person submitting the artwork.

Ultimately, we have no way of verifying legal ownership of the submitted work. As such we work diligently with persons or entities who can state reasonable cause or bring proof, that their legal and/or ownership rights may have been violated by our use and display of such work. If such a complaint is received via Email, we generally promptly react and accommodate the request for take-down. We do however reserve the right to replace text or images under request for take-down with a full disclosure of the entities request. Generally, we refuse to respond in amicable fashion to unsubstantiated legal threats, insults or other attacks. Calling us via Phone or Facebook is not sufficient means to communicate in this regard.

As a publishing outlet, the lack of support from industry players and companies within the seaplane industry does not afford us the privilege to pay guest editors for submitted work or images, as is often seen in print publications. As such we do not enter or become and exclusive contractual partner of persons or entities submitting pictures and articles and are thereby not necessarily the actual perpetrator to a potential plagiarism/ copyright claim. In other words, potential violations of persons or entities rights is incidental in nature and not performed intentionally or with malicious intent.

We remind readers and entities submitting pictures or textual content to us, to always include the following information together with all submitted artwork:

  • Date and Location
  • Name of photographer
  • Request for publication
  • Indicate if previously published and where

We generally assist copyright holders and authors of texts with enforcement and legal action against copyright and plagiarism- related infringements. Should we become remotely involved in legal threats, expect fully transparent publication. Consider any and all privacy/ confidentiality instructions null and void and hereby preemptively and categorically rejected.