Event Sponsors Wanted

Covering Seaplane & General Aviation events is very expensive for our team! is seeking event coverage sponsors and supporters who will help us by placing their advertising with us, to allow a budget for event related travel. Options are available for any budget. At the current time, has no event schedule for 2020.

New Hampshire

Image: Courtesy & Copyright Dave Freyburn

Planned Events/ Credentialed Events

2020 – No confirmed sponsorships.

Please refrain from asking for free advertising to promote events or associations.

How Expense Paid Trips Can Work For Us

Available For Hire

Are you looking for a freelance content editor or news editor for events in Europe, the United States, Asia or elsewhere? Jason J. Baker is available for freelance assignments.  Baker Aviation Consulting & Services is offering special packages for Marketing and Social Media Management as well. Inquire via E-Mail today.