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How To Submit News Releases And Pictures To – Some Answers To Frequently Asked Questions is working to bring our readers the most up to date information from the Waterflying World. For this reason we reach out to companies, associations and individuals to include this site in their news release recipient list. The email address is: [email protected]

How To Submit Pictures

Pictures can be submitted for consideration through the website, via email or by submitting  to the site’s Facebook Page. Together with a few words about the picture, location, name of the photographer and aircraft shown, you have the opportunity to share the beauty of Waterflying with everyone. If your picture isn’t selected for the Picture Of The Week program, you may still see it again in one of the following weeks, or as a featured image in a story, with full credit to you.

There have been numerous emails with positive comments, encouragements and offers for help. Here is what everyone can easily do, without all that much effort and without breaking the bank:

  • Push “Share This” on Facebook or use the buttons underneath each article.
  • “Like” and Share our Facebook page and follow it.
  • Submit a comment or guest editorial on the topic of Waterflying.
  • Let your friends and acquaintances know about the
  • There is a need for one or two good volunteer content editors on Training Tips or someone who is interested to have a weekly column/ blog here on the site. A positive and upbeat attitude is a must.

That’s it! Thank you!

Feature Seaplane Company Articles

These are free of charge spotlights on companies who keep the Waterflying World healthy and humming. This is not paid content and there is no business idea behind the featuring of any particular company. It is open and available to everyone, as capacity permits. Reason: Networking and contacts are the backbone of a news website. As such, having an article about (and contact within) your company is better than having no article on a very slow news day.

Questions About Advertising Here

Yes, eventually this website will offer advertising opportunities. The timeline depends on how well the site grows in terms of daily readers. While inquiries are welcome and appreciated, its a bit early to make offers. If you have interest or wish to share ideas, please feel free to email.

How To Give Feedback

Email works best. If you wish to submit articles, pictures, comments or statements, feel free to initiate contact. Pointers and tips on how to make this website better are always welcome and will be considered.