Read Darkrise: Dawn of Darkness Novel Full Episode

Darkrise: Dawn of Darkness Novel – Embedded within the core of every human being lies a shadow—a darkness that casts its intricate web across the tapestry of our existence. This inherent darkness, a fragment of our essence, presents us with a perpetual challenge—to navigate the labyrinthine corridors of our own souls and harness the forces […]

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How To Tame You Demon Prince Novel – In an audacious bid to conjure a formidable familiar, Rubisviel Fyaril, an enigmatic Witch of The Dark Forest, wove a spell of potent magic, yearning to draw forth an entity from realms beyond. Yet, the tapestry of her intentions became entwined with the unpredictable threads of fate, […]

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Barrett: Heart of Promise Novel – Barrett, a solitary figure, found herself ensnared in the clutches of loneliness and heartache. Despite her relentless efforts and tireless work, the fruits of her labor seemed to wither into ashes, leaving her bereft of the success she so fervently pursued. The anticipation she harbored for a certain day, […]

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Born Novel – Never did I envision myself entangled within the clutches of such an unforeseen circumstance. The yearning for an ordinary existence had always been my fervent desire—a life marked by the absence of distinction. Yet, the turning of the tides upon my eighteenth year ushered in a cascade of events that defied all […]

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The Children of Thunder Novel – In the heart of the expansive rainforests of West Africa, a consortium of archaeologists unearthed an astonishing discovery—a meticulously preserved human form, its ancient secrets veiled in the embrace of time. Little did they fathom the enigma they had unearthed, nor the repercussions that would cascade forth from their […]

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I Make My Own Happy Ending Novel – In a world where the apocalypse’s end has taken on an unexpectedly romantic twist, Alisa Vega finds herself entangled in a tale of love that defies even the boundaries of possibility. In this alternate universe, where Earth not only survives its doomsday but flourishes, humans coexist with […]

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Raised By Gods Novel – One fateful morning, Aria awakens to the unsettling sound of her parents locked in yet another heated argument centered around her. Little does she realize that this particular dispute will serve as the catalyst for a profound transformation that will reshape the trajectory of her existence. In a reality where […]

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The Wicked Games (Book 1: The Spirileaxus Saga) Novel – For enthusiasts of ACOTAR, GOT, WITCHER, and TVD, a thrilling tale unfolds within a realm brimming with intrigue and danger. The Ravens’ ominous pursuit of Gwyneth propels her into a fierce battle for survival. Stranded within the confines of Creithea’s castle—an abode belonging to the […]

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Aphrodite Novel – Amid the celestial tapestry that adorned the vast expanse of the universe, a tale of love and destiny unfolded, a tale that resonated beyond the boundaries of time and space. At the heart of this saga was the luminous figure of Aphrodite: the Black Star, a being whose radiance defied the very […]

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Shadowed Creatures Novel – In the realm where shadows danced and darkness held its secrets, Avalon Taylor’s fate was intricately woven with the legacy of her family. Born as the daughter of one of the most renowned hunters ever to emerge from the hallowed halls of the Hunters Academy, she carried the weight of her […]