Read Married To A Manwhore Novel Full Episode

Married To A Manwhore Novel – EVA SAMUEL: A 20-year-old university student, adorned with round sapphire eyes that mirror the sky’s expanse and an oval visage that frames her features harmoniously. Her silhouette boasts curves that grace her form with perfect symmetry. Bound by a vow to reserve herself for her future spouse, her heart […]


MARRIED TO A MONSTER; HIS OBSESSION Novel – The grim tidings arrived: “Your father has passed away…” The echoes of that somber declaration reverberated, accompanied by an unsettling revelation—entwined with the passing of her father was a formidable debt that loomed over their lives. A debt that cast its oppressive shadow, transforming their existence into […]

Read His Majesty Novel Full Episode

His Majesty Novel – Vanessa had perpetually existed in the shadows of Richard Amaan’s awareness, her presence easily overlooked by her boss. However, an unexpected twist of fate would thrust her into the spotlight, casting her as his fabricated paramour for a Royal event. Yet, the trajectory of their pretense veered sharply, demanding a fabrication […]

Read His Broken Princess Novel Full Episode

His Broken Princess Novel – Violet. Fairytales woven for young hearts, designed to kindle dreams. Yet, the chasm between fantasy and reality becomes painfully evident when confronted by the monsters lurking within the shadows of existence. I existed within a nightmare populated by these very monsters, and in their malevolent grasp, I lost it all—my […]

Read The Billionaire’s Escort Novel Full Episode

The Billionaire’s Escort Novel – Elizabeth Walter’s world crumbled in a spectacular fashion. The sting of being fired from her job, once a pillar of stability, was merely the prelude to a scene of utter devastation. Returning home, her heart shattered as she beheld her boyfriend enmeshed with another woman, their indiscretions echoing against the […]

Read Twins For The Ruthless CEO Novel Full Episode

Twins For The Ruthless CEO Novel – Stella Carpenter’s aspirations were simple—a life well-lived alongside her boyfriend, ensuring her brother’s passage to a prestigious university, kindling joy in her mother’s heart, and pursuing her dream of becoming a renowned chef. Yet, the tides of fate took an unexpected turn from the instant her gaze met […]

Read The Billionaire’s Creed Novel Full Episode

The Billionaire’s Creed Novel – In the realm of matrimony, I found myself straying far from the tenets I once held dear. The day our orbits collided, a tempest of disdain raged within me—his very presence a source of vehement resentment. A man of striking visage, unabashedly handsome yet adorned with shallowness, narcissism, and opulence—Mykel […]

Read Sold To The Gang Leader Novel Full Episode

Sold To The Gang Leader Novel – Bestowed upon him as a gift, she entered his world—a world where the icy tendrils of his heart wrapped him in an unyielding embrace. His demeanor mirrored the chill that resided within, casting a frigid shadow upon their interactions. Each encounter was a testament to the frost that […]

Read Out of My League Novel Full Episode

Out of My League Novel – Reese: The sting of heartbreak and the bitter embrace of rejection have been familiar companions on my journey. A woman of my stature, with aspirations that soar beyond the ordinary, often finds herself traversing a solitary path. Yet, in the depths of my heart, a yearning persists—an ember of […]

Read Daddy’s Affairs Novel Full Episode

Daddy’s Affairs Novel – Marrisa Bonifacio’s life was an intricate tapestry woven with strands of endurance and pain. Throughout her journey, she had weathered the storm of mistreatment, each affront a bitter reminder of a love that remained elusive. Hope, the steadfast companion of her heart, whispered promises that one day her husband’s heart would […]