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Return Of The General Novel – Five years had passed since the brutal attack that had shattered Salvador’s family, leaving devastation and death in its wake. Amidst the chaos, one glimmer of hope had emerged – a mysterious girl named Elena had saved him from a fate shared by his loved ones. But as time flowed on, Salvador’s scars ran deeper, his heart consumed by a burning desire for vengeance.

Now, standing as an army general, Salvador had risen from the ashes of tragedy. His return was marked by a steely determination to right the wrongs that had befallen his family and to repay Elena for the life she had saved. His plans were meticulously laid out, fueled by the rage that had festered within him for years.

Elena, once his savior, had suffered a cruel twist of fate. She was now disabled, a fate that incited both anger and heartbreak in Salvador. His world had been shattered once, and he was not about to let it happen again. With grim determination, he set his sights on enacting his revenge, beginning with the man responsible for Elena’s deformity.

Salvador’s journey into vengeance was fraught with risks and moral dilemmas. The fire of his fury led him down a path that blurred the lines between justice and retribution. As he delved deeper into his plans, he realized the price he might have to pay – not just in terms of the lives he would affect, but the darkness that might consume his own soul.

Yet, his resolve remained unshaken. With a heart torn between the need for justice and the memory of his family’s love, he pressed forward. Every step he took, every move he made, was calculated to bring him closer to his goals.

Salvador’s path of revenge was a complex one, filled with unforeseen twists and turns. He confronted the man who had caused Elena’s suffering, a confrontation that would become a turning point in his quest for retribution. But as the truth unraveled, Salvador was faced with a dilemma that would force him to confront the darkness that had consumed him.

In his single-minded pursuit of vengeance, Salvador had lost sight of the humanity that once defined him. He was at a crossroads – continue down the path of destruction or find a way to redeem himself and those he had wronged.

As he stood on the precipice of his choices, Salvador came to realize that his need for revenge had consumed him just as it had consumed those who had wronged him. The cycle of violence and pain was endless, and he could either perpetuate it or choose a different path.

In the end, Salvador’s story was not just about revenge and redemption; it was about the capacity for change, growth, and finding a way to heal even in the face of unimaginable pain. As he stood before the ruins of his plans, he had a choice to make – to let go of his anger and forge a new future, or to let the cycle of revenge continue its destructive course.

Description Of Novels

Title: Return Of The General

Author: Ella obida

Publisher: Meganovel

Ratings: 7.9 (Good)

Genre: Urban

Language: English

Return Of The General Novel
Return Of The General Novel

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If you’re interested in diving into the exciting novel called “Return Of The General” I’ll explain how you can do so. To begin, you’ll need to use the Meganovel app. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated to get it! Just head over to the Google Play Store and search for the Meganovel app. Once you find it, open the app and look for the search menu. In the search menu, type Return Of The General to find the specific novel you’re looking for. Another way to access it is by using the link provided here.

By clicking on the link, you’ll be directed to a safelink site. Take a moment to scroll down and wait for the page to load. Then, you’ll see a “Read” link. Go ahead and click on it. This will take you to the official site of the novel, where you can start enjoying it.


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